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Casting Kansas City Locals

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Loves You Pictures is hosting a table read for feature film Nightmare Mansion in Kansas City in late December. We are currently casting local Kansas City talent. For sides to submit a self-tape audition, please email and specify which character you would like to audition for.


Nightmare Mansion is a comedic whodunnit in the vein of Clue, with a little bit of 12 Angry Men and Drunk History thrown in.


When a REAL body is discovered in a haunted house attraction, all of the scare actors are cast under suspicion.  With the entire cast forced to spend a night stuck in a room together, the group holds their own mock trial to decide who among them is a killer.


RACHEL -  (late 20s), any ethnicity

Aspiring stunt-woman and hostess at the Haunted Mansion, Rachel is our heroine/last girl. She's a badass who isn't afraid to stand up for herself when the guests (or her boss) step out of line. Rachel is inexplicably dating Axel. VINCENT - (late 20s), Filipino. Vincent is an aspiring makeup artist and Nightmare Mansion zombie. He does all of the actors' makeup at the mansion, and dreams of moving to Hollywood to be a vfx artist. He harbors a not-so-secret crush on Rachel. ROBERT - (mid 30s), Caucasian Flamboyant mama's boy and failed child actor. Robert has a penchant for telling old "war stories" from all of his acting exploits over the years, to the chagrin of his colleagues. Robert has a flair for the dramatic that turns dark just as easily as it turns comedic. WILLOW - (mid 20s), any ethnicity A slight but *serious* thespian working way below her pay grade as a troll, Willow often competes with Robert to prove she is the most talented and dedicated performer at the mansion. She dreams of one day taking the role of hostess/last girl from Rachel. LAURA - (22), any ethnicity Under-achieving with a fascination for all things old or morbid. Laura runs the front of house at the mansion taking tickets and monitoring the guests' progress through the attraction. She's actually very smart and knows how to scam a scammer. AXEL - (late 20s), any ethnicity Classic hot dumb jock. Axel works at Nightmare Mansion because his girlfriend Rachel works at the mansion. He would do better as a print model because he's ripped and gorgeous. He's mind-numbingly dumb. SPENCE - (late 20s), African American Spence is a wicked smart but closeted medical student. He spends all of his spare time studying. He's insecure about his skin condition, vitiligo, and enjoys putting on his Frankenstein's Monster makeup and letting his inner self-confidence shine. STUART - (mid 50s), Caucasian Sexist and bigoted manager of Nightmare Mansion. Stuart is everything our culture dislikes about middle aged white men in 2018. He loves to tell inappropriate jokes, thinks he's amazing, and believes all of this political correctness and equality stuff is complete bullshit. He's skimming off the top of the profits of Nightmare Mansion. STEPHEN - (20s), any ethnicity Leader of the werewolf pack/improv troupe.  Stephen secretly deals weed from inside the haunted house.  He's got more self-confidence than he has any right to have, and he loves to party. CAMBRIA - (20s), any ethnicity  Part of the werewolf pack/improv troupe.  Cambria is funny, sassy, and loves to clown around with Stephen and Joey.  She hopes to one day move to New York City to pursue stand-up comedy and views her time at Nightmare Mansion as comedy gold. JOEY - (20s) , any ethnicity Part of the werewolf pack/improv troupe.   Joey is down for a good time any time.  He's the one who will show up with the beer and get the party started.  He'll probably still be living in his parents' basement when he's 40. DETECTIVE LANCASTER - (40s), any ethnicity Just like every grizzled detective on every crime show you've ever seen, Detective Lancaster can sniff out a liar anywhere, and he has no patience for shenanigans. For a tough detective, he HATES scary movies and haunted houses, so this particular case is his own special hell. TIMOTHY - (late 50s, early 60s), Caucasian The stately butler who secretly owns Nightmare Mansion. Timothy is soft spoken and laid back. None of the performers know him well, and his presence is easily forgotten. BARBARA - (mid 50s), any ethnicity Kansas City police officer moonlighting as a security guard. TALA - (50s), Filipino Vincent's mother who shows her love through food. DARLENE - (50s-60s) Caucasian A "recovering" stage mom with a deep rooted sense of Midwestern tradition, Darlene still hasn't let go of her need to help her son Robert become a famous actor. This season in Nightmare Mansion is just a little bump on the road to greatness!

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